Authentic Ramen in Kamakura

If you want to call some ramen shop “Authentic Ramen Shop in Kamakura” Ramen Hirano would be the one.
It has been there for 46 years.
At that time there was only a few Ramen specialty shop in Japan and usually Chinese restaurant did serve ramen.
Only 7 seats on counter table smallest in town with same Ramen Master, located at just the entrance of Komachi Street, serving Soy source based soup and Miso based soup ramen, all same from the beginning!
I, Kyota Kawabe, and many of my friends have been going to this ramen shop for more than 35 years.
We would call Ramen at Hirano for our soul food for Kamakura Locals who spend childhood in Kamakura. This is our Ramen.
Nowadays Ramen became fancy Japanese cuisine.
Ramen at Hirano is nothing fancy but somewhat nostalgic to us with the same soup taste and same noodle.
By the way ramen is not served in piping hot. So it would be good for people who are not good at eating hot food.
My other unforgettable memory of Ramen Hirano 30 years ago is that I actually broke the entrance glass by playing sword fight by umbrella but Master did let me eat Ramen as usual.
Master, Mr. Hashimoto, was the same person as he is now.
English menu yes provided by a big fan of Ramen Hirano volunteer because he love it so much to share it with even foreign friends.
If you want to experience this nostalgic atmosphere opening hours are as follows;
Open 11AM–8PM, close on Tuesdays