Seaside Run & Unajyu Program

If you like Unajyu(Eel) Lover and a great runner this is the great entertainment to enjoy a day.

This is actually Village Principal did a week ago.

Run along the ocean from Inamuragasaki →Enoshima→Chigasaki→Hiratsuka→Oiso→Odawara→Tomoei/Lunch

After lunch came back to Kamakura by train


Eboshi-iwa in Chigasaki city

About 15 km point

Good wave and many surfers this day

Eboshi-iwa is a rock reef.


Odawara in Route 1

Over 30 km point

Route 1 called “Tokaido” goes from Tokyo to Osaka.


Tough run 38 km for about 4 hours in total this day. But perfect reward would wait for you after.


Tomoei is one of most famous “Unajyu” specialty restaurants in Odawara. If you eat Unajyu here at Tomoei, perfect softness, boneless and tasty Unaju you would become an Unaju lover.

“Unaju” is a lacquer ware box of rice topped with grilled eel. This is one of traditional & popular Japanese cuisine good to eat in summer due to its nutrition. Tomoei is very difficult to make reservation but we somewhat we smoothly make some arrangement.