About Kina Village

ABOUT Kina Village

Kina Village is established on April 2016 by Kyota Kawabe who has lived in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura for years.
Kina Village would like to become a village where guests or hosts, customers or service providers,
can have a happy and meaningful time in Kamakura enjoying the Local life and spirits.

Kamakura local residents have spirits to unconsciously enjoy life and welcome people.
Kina Village would like to establish an environment to share all the essential materials such as nature,
its cultural background, with all the people from all over the world, of any nationality, religion or race.

So whoever is involved in Kina Village, all the hosts, restaurants, shops
and service providers would welcome Guests with a sincere warm heart.

Please knock on the door of Kina Village and come in! We will have a good time together!

What “Kina Village” stands for

Let us tell you what “Kina” means.
You will not find it on a Map.
“K” is for Kamakura and “ina” is from “ina” of Inamuragasaki.
Finally, “mura” means village in Japanese.
Kina Village wishes to perform the role of a bridge between non-Kamakura and Kamakura Locals and Japan Locals and non-Japan Locals.
Does “Kina” sound Hawaiian? Yes, and that is the intention because Kina Village would like to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere like Hawaii.

Inamuragasaki & Seaside area of Kamakura

Kina Village firstly starts from Inamuragasaki where Village Principle Kyota Kawabe has grown up. The Village will co-work with local shops, restaurants and residences, including Hosts of Kina Village to create warm hospitality in Inamuragasaki before expanding it to other areas in Kamakura!
Since life in seaside area is much more slow and relaxed than other areas in Kamakura, this is a great area for Kina Village to start such activities.

Kyota Kawabe

Founder / Principle of Kina Village

Hello my friends!
I just want every single person who joins Kina Village to have a wonderful time in Kamakura by feeling true Kamakura life.
See you in Kamakura and Kina Village!

-Profile & Personality-
Born and raised in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura, seaside area of Kamakura. Went to kindergarten, elementary, junior, high Schools in Kamakura station area. Became a high school exchange student in Lebanon, Pennsylvania US and voluntarily hosted by The Graby Family for a year.
Graduated from West Virginia University in US and during college took Spanish language class in Spain for 2 month being hosted by Spanish family
Unforgettable, accidental homestay experience for a week in Acapulco hosted by Nancy during a backpack trip in Mexico. As a job managed & operate the residential facility for foreign residents in Dalian, China in 1996 -99.
Liked to entertain people by creating and planning & executing fun activities since child. Liked to visit friends and get to know his daily life by meeting his friends & family, having local foods & beer at his favorite restaurant. Also liked to explore his home town by run & walk.
Now, as a life work, try to establish the environment in which we can share what true Kamakura / Japan is by using his past homestay experience abroad and local network in Kamakura through Kina Village.
By the way given a surf board and wetsuits by a friend in Inamuragasaki, Kyota got to start surfing and become a true local in Inamuragasaki!

Company Infomation

Company Name:International Bridge Company (unregistered yet)
Address:4-5-5 Inamuragasaki, Kamakura