About Kina Village


Kamakura is a small town in Kanagawa Prefecture located within less than an hour from Tokyo by train. Kamakura,
51km (32 miles) South of Tokyo. Access from Osaka/Kyoto Shinkansen would be the better way to approach to Kamakura.
To the seaside area of Kamakura Enoden is the way to approach and also to get around.
You can take either from Kamakura station or Fujisawa station. By the way if possible, visit Kamakura between Monday and Friday.
Weekends and national holidays are extremely crowded and the waiting time to enter any sightseeing spot is extremely long,
especially cherry blossom, Hydrangea, summer and new-year greeting seasons.

Map of Kamakura

Access from Tokyo, Kansai areas, HAKONE and Mt.FUJI AREA

Access to Kamakura